Super-Stylist June Ambrose on the Financial Lessons She Learned Along the Road to Success

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You might imagine that a woman as successful as June Ambrose was born with a knack for the entrepreneurial world, but as she explains in the above interview with PowerwomenTV, learning to have it all took time. So when did she reach her a-ha moment? “When I hit that credit card bottom,” she says. The stylist and fashion powerhouse goes on to explain how monitoring her finances from an early age helped her understand the importance of finding a balance between her personal and work life. “I realized that was part of being grown up,” she says.

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Watch the full, inspirational video with June Ambrose above.


[MUSIC] Tell me, you know, a moment for you where you said- Right. This is really hard. What sacrifices- Yeah. Did you have to make to make it happen? Compensate yourself. [INAUDIBLE] would have said this is really hard when I hit that credit card bottom. When you're young and you're nineteen and they give you that first card in college and you think I'm rich, I can spend. I think it was the moment of realizing I have to balance not only my business but my life and I realized that I just can't squander. I have to really kind of put it into, I have to prioritize my life. You know, I have to think about tomorrow and I realized that was part of being grown up. And I wasnt simply ready to grow up and I was forced to grow up at a very early age. I mean 19 working in corporate America and then starting my own company, and You know starting my own corporation and firm and going out on my own was really the reality check for me. Because I knew I had the entrepreneurial spirit I just didn't really know what it was going to require. As soon as I started doing it I knew that I was built for it. I knew that I was worthy because I would just refuse to lose. I realized if I don't get out there and I don't keep. using my brand to attract other business, then I would never get work.
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