It's official: Barack Obama is truly living his best life, post-White House.

Barack and his wife Michelle Obama recently spent a few weeks relaxing and soaking in the Caribbean sunshine with Richard Branson on the shores of the billionaire's private islands in the British Virgin Islands. And during the visit, the former president also took a few kitesurfing lessons. 

Branson took to YouTube on Tuesday to bestow upon us an incredible video, titled "Richard Vs Barack," that features the two men showing off their athletic skills in the water. The duo competed to see who could learn to ride the waves—Barack with kitesurfing and Branson with foilboarding—first. Needless to say, we (and the rest of the Internet) are loving it.

Credit: RichardBranson/Twitter

Obama spent two full days on the sands of Necker Island to learn the basics. And he ultimately surfed a full 100 meters—though not without a few falls beforehand (he's only human!). With Branson navigating the choppy waters for just 50 meters, he handed the victory crown to the 44th U.S. president.

Credit: RichardBranson/Twitter

Mrs. Obama was not featured in the video, and we're thinking she sat this adventure out, choosing a stable beach chair back on Necker Island over the Caribbean white caps.

Watch the video above to see Obama beat out Branson—and spectacularly wipe out.