Chelsea Handler's Dog Tammy Dies: 'She Was Struggling and I Couldn't Bear to Have Her Fight Anymore'

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Rest in peace, Tammy.

Chelsea Handler shared an Instagram photo on Friday announcing that one of her dogs, Tammy, has died.

The Chelsea host wrote a heartfelt caption accompanying the photo of Tammy laying on top of a bed wearing a red bandana around her neck.

“I lost my bear today,” Handler, 42, wrote. “She was struggling and I couldn’t bear to have her fight anymore. Anyone who doesn’t believe a dog changes your life has never rescued one. I only had 2 years with Tammy, but she made sure I never went to bed once without hearing her little paws mount my stairwell 2 paws at a time.”


“If my door was closed, she slept outside my room like a security guard,” she added. “Dogs give you something you never knew was missing.”

Despite her grief, Handler wrote that she would adopt another dog again: “I will get another dog that needs a home and it will remind me every day how much I miss you. Lub lub lub. @realtammyhandler.”


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Earlier this week, Handler shared that Tammy was recovering from “renal failure.”

“My whole family is falling apart. Poor @realtammyhandler is recuperating from renal failure while remembering happier times… Fight like a bear, bear. These poor dogs. I’m starting to think it might be my parenting,” the TV host wrote.

Tammy is survived by Chunk, Handler’s other furry family member.


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So you wanna give them a chance and you don't wanna all of a sudden Bring home your new [INAUDIBLE] they're up on the bed and you're hugging them and the animal you have for the last three or five years is looking like, wait am I being replaced? You wanna make sure you give equal attention. And let the other animal know just like a child. When they get a new brother and sister like, we love you just as much this is a new sibling for you. And just make sure that your house is safe and that you're prepared To handle and that you know I always say for people a little older like myself you might want to veer towards older animals only because I'm saying it can be three and up. Personally I would rather have a couch potato than a puppy that who eats the couch so you know something, you wanna know that you're going to find the right animal that suit your lifestyle. If you don't have a backyard and you have to, if it's an active dog and you have to walk that dog five or six times a day You need to think about that if you live in New York city, on a 10 degree night, you know. I mean they're so many things people don't think about. They're just so into the moment and that can happen. Who doesn't look at one of these faces and think, I have to have you now. But there is research and home work and if your really. A responsible pet parent, you need to do your research and homework. Yes, now, we have some viewers on Facebook that are asking what kind of breed these two are. They look, to me, and again, we think lab mix. They're definitely black lab Was now most likely will get to about forty sixty You can now is tell by the paws I've been holding Yeah but has puppies have those big paws that they have yet to grow in to Yeah yeah yeah but I had a situations with Franz were they got. Dogs with the puppies you know the paws were pretty small and you should see them now [LAUGH] That's why that's embarked Yes You know the DNA testing because it really is very helpful to know you know Og absolutely what you're dealing with and then you can prepare right? Happy do you gonna get. Yes, she's such a kisser I love her. [LAUGH] And her brother is falling asleep. Are you awake there? And I have to say, as puppies go, she's getting a little bit more excited. Aren't they mellow and wonderful? Look at this, I mean they're so well-behaved. And I don't feel any Accidents yet, so I think we're doing okay! We are! Good thing we're both wearing black. But it's only been about 10 minutes, but you did good so far. Yeah. Hi, are you awake? I know, they're so cute, well they know. I'm sorry did I bore you? Something I said? Puppy Bowl, Puppy Bowl. [LAUGH] So if you wanna adopt these two, make sure you head over to ASPCA's website, and these two in particular are actually at the New York City Manhattan Center. Yes. So they're ready for homes. It looks like they're ready for homes. And I have to say, these two will probably be. Taken immediately, everyone that's watching now was probably thinking, how do I get one of them? Absolutely. But please, still go over to the ASPCA, and look what's waiting in the wonderful shelter there. There were so many beautiful wonderful animals waiting with wagging tails. For a forever home. So I so encourage people. And think about a little bit older. Even three years old and up. There's so much more life left. You know, you did it, too. Yeah, mine was three. Yes. So you know, and again, they have a harder time getting out but for all the wrong reasons. If people only knew what a joy Literally, mine were already house-broken. There's a lot of things to consider. As wonderful as the puppies are, it's more work, so. And they all come from different backgrounds. Some come from families. Yes. Some come from sadder backgrounds. And that's the thing people need to understand. I used to come across a lot of friends that would think, you know, shelter animal, damaged goods. What's wrong with it? Hey there's nothing wrong with them. They could end up in that shelter because they are on a diet,they've lost their job,they ran away. No faults of their own. And what I say could be from a waste minister winter to a shelter animal. You just don't know the situation a people need. To understand that they really are so special and they know when they've been rescued and they rescue you back. You know, we were talking about this before we start our rolling. Yeah. You said that your dog was your child, and the joy that she has brought to you, right? She is, and I live in New York and I work full time. And you make your schedule work for your dog. It's all about the animal. It's true. You get a walker, you make sure there's someone home for her or him. So it's really possible for a lot of different lifestyles to have dogs, and to make it work. It's a joy. It's amazing what you'll do for them, once you have them. [LAUGH] Well what about what they do for us? Exactly. You walk in, and you look like heck, right? [LAUGH] And you've had a really bad day. Do they ever look at you like, ew mom, your hair's a mess? Or [LAUGH] Sir, I hate that outfit you have on. They just look at us so lovingly. I remember one of the greatest gifts I got. It was a needlepoint pillow. It said be the person your dog thinks you are. Could we ever live up to that? That's perfection. It is. Because they look at us like we can do no wrong. And, you know, it's so wonderful just to give back that love. But what they give us And everyone I knew. I've had a few people like first time pet owners and they were like, my goodness. Now I know what you were saying all these years, the joy. So much joy. You can't put words on it. And I do think the rescue pets adoption, again because they have known. Us, you know, what it's like not to have the loving home whether it be for days, weeks, or months. There are a lot of lifers out there sadly that are in shelters forever. But when they do finally get the perfect loving home, they know it and there's a different aura and a connection. With that rescue pet, cuz they know you saved them. So if you out there watching want these two, go on over, look at their profile, find out more about them. And to see more amazing puppies up for adoption, make sure you check out Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday. Puppy Bowl, 3 PM. This Sunday, Puppy Bowl, 3 PM. Eastern. 2 PM eastern for the pre-show and if you're a cat person there's a kitten halftime show. There's something for everyone, so make sure you tune in and check it out. Yeah the kitten, it's so much fun, the halftime show it's adorable we have everything. And they're just proudly strutting their stuff and it's just the best day. You'll see, you'll be just smiles- [LAUGH] From ear to ear watching so it's so wonderful .>> Amazing. [SOUND] You gonna take one home? [BLANK_AUDIO]
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