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Alcoholic Iced Coffee in a Can: A New Source for Your Morning Buzz?

Alcoholic Iced Coffee in a Can: A New Source for Your Morning Buzz?
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Need an extra kick in the morning? A brand of canned cold brew coffee called Bad Larry’s has decided to amp up its offerings this spring with an alcoholic version. You read that right: the morning’s caffeine boost is about to get that much weirder, so consider rethinking your early meeting schedule.

Following in the wake of news about alcohol-infused coffee out of California, the Midwest is throwing in “cold hard coffee” into the mix. It’s a locally-sourced cold brew that will get steeped and infused with nitrogen before being canned in Wisconsin, but it’s the addition of malt liquor that takes this beverage to new levels. Bad Larry’s cold brew “[straddles] the line between coffee and beer,” according to the brand. Each 11.5 oz can will contain 6% ABV (and 180 mg of caffeine, which is just a little less than what you’d get in a Starbuck’s grande Cold Brew).

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The bad news is that Bad Larry’s is only selling in Minnesota and Wisconsin to start, although further Midwest expansion is in the works.

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In the meantime, of course, you can always spike your regular old cold brew.

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