10 Red Dresses That'll Win You a Bachelor Rose

10 Red Dresses That'll Win You a Bachelor Rose
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Happy Bachelor Season, Bachelor fans! Season 21 of the long-running show kicked off on Monday night, and, oh man, was it a fun episode to watch. Dolphin costumes! Aggressive first kisses! And so. Many. Red. Dresses. It seems like the vampy shade was last night's color of choice for many of the lucky ladies who got to meet Bachelor Nick.

Perhaps it was former Bachelorette JoJo's promo videos, in which she was featured in a sexy red gown, that got contestants thinking the hue would help them stand out—if not to Nick, then at least to the producers, who are surely starting to think about who season 13's Bachelorette will be. 

From deep wine reds to bright pops of crimson, the women's choices were all over the map—and of course, some looking better than others. We've rounded up our own favorite red gowns that we're sure would have impressed Nick (and the producers), and gotten their wearer a rose at the end of the night. 

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And don't forget that Nicole, the recipient of the First Impression Rose, was wearing a red lacy gown herself! Clearly, her dress was a winner. 

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Scroll down below to take a look at our pick of red gowns. 

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