Western-Inspired Accessories You Need for Fall 

Western-Inspired Accessories You Need for Fall 
Thomas Slacks

Trends may come and go, but chances are they'll come back sooner or later. Case in point: the western trend. While '90s go-tos like fanny packs and scrunchies are making waves, it feels like western-inspired styles are everywhere thanks in huge part to Raf Simons's debut Calvin Klein collection.  

After spotting western accessories on the fall runways, the influx of cool cowboy pieces didn't stop there. The trend dominated the resort collections, establishing that it's time to start incorporating suede boots, flat-brimmed hats, turquoise jewelry, and embossed belts into your wardrobe, stat.

Taking notes from our November On Demand shoot (on stands this Friday!), we rounded up some pieces you can buy asap!

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