This Timepiece Brand Is About to Be a Big Deal

This Timepiece Brand Is About to Be a Big Deal

There's something so timeless about a classic watch. Seriously, it's functional jewelry that accentuates the wrist and elevates your look.

As someone constantly on the lookout for what's new, it's refreshing to see a timepiece brand emerge that offers the glam of diamonds and sleek metals with the practicality of a leather strap. That new brand is JACY and its customization options and moderate pricing for luxury timepieces has grabbed our attention.

We're also impressed with founder, Jeremy Barouh. His grandfather was a watchmaker and his father founded one of my personal favorites, MICHELE, where he himself was an executive at the company. “I wanted to build a brand that celebrates femininity and strength. JACY represents pared-down elegance and purpose—it’s a modern-day heirloom that reminds you to make time for the things that matter most,” says Barouh.

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For the inaugural collection, options include one face, either in rose gold or silver, and a selection of 10 interchangeable leather straps in different colors. These pieces will surely be in heavy rotation throughout the fall season and are sure to become wearable keepsakes for years to some.

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Shop our favorites below and view the full collection at

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