Shop InStyle Editors' Summer Must-Haves Under $100

Shop <em>InStyle</em> Editors' Summer Must-Haves Under $100

Just as we near the peak of summer (yay, summertime fun! But also yikes, summertime heat), we can’t help but to keep a list of all the tried-and-true summer products we swear by. And by that, we mean the stuff that never fails, the repeat items we stock up on every summer, and the products we cannot live without for a single day of the sunny season (or at least, like, our quality of life would be stunted without them).

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We went around the office and asked what InStyle editors deem a summer must-have. From a luxurious (and yet hyper-affordable) bubble bath to an SPF-infused makeup setting spray, shop the under-$100 summer buys InStyle editors can’t get enough of. And when you're done, see what we're splurging on this summer, too!

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