Awaken Your Inner Kimmy Schmidt with These 7 Colorful Pieces

Awaken Your Inner Kimmy Schmidt with These 7 Colorful Pieces
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If you're a fan of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt like we are, you're waiting with bated breath for the third season to premiere May 19th. Aside from the knee-slapping humor, Kimmy's optimism, and Titus Andromedon (Peeno Noir, anyone?!), it's Kimmy's bold choice of color in the sea of New York City's all black uniform that we find so refreshing.

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Her cute cardigans, woven book bags, and floral button ups may be a little too juvenile for those of us who work in a corporate landscape, but how fun would it be to incorporate just a bit more color into your wardrobe?

Inspired by the youthfulness of Ms. Schmidt, we gathered 7 key pieces that temper the whimsy that she loves with a sophistication that can work for everyday life. And there's something for everyone (a colorful necklace, sleek bag, or bold sneakers) if you just want to add a touch of fun.

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But if you're ready to hit the streets in all your colorful glory, how about taking a sherbet hue trouser, shocking pink off-the-shoulder top, or a LRD (little red dress, of course) for a spin? And prints don't have to be overwhelming when they feature a subtle design grounded on a navy background.

So scroll down for picks even Kimmy would love!

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