The Most Important TV Show Takeaways This Week

The Most Important TV Show Takeaways This Week
John P. Johnson; Ron Batzdorff/NBC; Scott Everett White/The CW

Do you love watching TV as much as we do? Then you're going to love reading our TV takeaways, as we recap and ask the big questions about the best shows on air today—and considering we live in the golden age of television, we have a lot to cover. 

From dramas like HBO's new sci-fi hit, Westworld, and NBC's heartwrenching This Is Us to our favorite musical-comedy Crazy Ex Girlfriend and those trash-talking Gallaghers on Shameless, expect to see all of your favorite characters pop up in our discussions. 

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Scroll down to take a look at what we thought were the best moment on television this week and sound off on the comment section to add your own two cents. Should Fiona be pawning off her big sister duties onto Lip? Will Petra ever be saved from her crazy twin sister? Do Rebecca and Josh have the potential to be a forever couple? Weigh in below!

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