8 Things Gossip Girl Got Dead Wrong About Living in N.Y.C.

8 Things <em>Gossip Girl</em> Got Dead Wrong About Living in N.Y.C.

I remember watching Gossip Girl from the comfort of my bedroom in small-town Oregon, dreaming of the day I’d buy diamond-encrusted headbands from Henri Bendel and delight in glasses of Veuve Clicquot and French macarons at the many Parisian-inspired brunches I’d no doubt be invited to.

When I did eventually relocate to N.Y.C., the harsh reality of city living was revealed to me: headbands are unnecessarily painful, and French macarons cost $4 a pop. 

Suffice it to say, like any good escapist TV series, Gossip Girl does a fantastic job of obscuring reality. Ten years after the series’ premiere, to say that the show was set in New York sounds like a stretch to me—GG’s N.Y.C. is not a city I’ve ever been to let alone heard of, even from its elite residents.

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Scroll down to explore the most fictional features of Gossip Girl's take on N.Y.C. living.

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