Don't Miss These 7 TV Show Season Finales

Don't Miss These 7 TV Show Season Finales
Chuck Hodes/FOX

The arrival of summer means one very important thing: Our favorite fall TV shows will go off the air! With most season finales airing this month, we’re saying farewell to Jessica Day from New Girl, Olivia Pope from Scandal, Cookie Lyon from Empire, and more of our fave characters on primetime. A few shows will even wrap up for good, like The Good Wife ending on May 8 and Mike & Molly on May 16. While we’re sad to see those small screen classics go, the rest will return again with new seasons, new drama, and new laughs in September—phew!

Need to catch up on the best series before their finales? Now is your chance to binge-watch before they bow out this month. Once you're all caught up, watch these seven season finales below.

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