4 Style Lessons About “Dressing Your Age” from Watching Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

4 Style Lessons About “Dressing Your Age” from Watching <em>Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce</em>
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Age-appropriate is not a word that registers with Cynthia Summers. As the costume designer for Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, she dresses four stunning 30- and 40-somethings every week for new challenges—babies on board, custody battles, bakery problems, hookup issues, and territorial exes—which is no easy assignment.

The last time we saw a group of four fabulously dressed women, it was for Sex and the City. GG is similar in that it stars four very stylish women, yet it’s also so very different: The setting is Los Angeles, the wardrobe includes more color than ever, and the approach to clothes is wearability.

So, we had to steal some of Summers’s tricks.

We caught up with the costume designer this week, just as season two is reaching its max—Abby’s weird breakdown about Becca not having Jake’s baby?! Jo and her promiscuous baker?! Phoebe and that weird art guy?! Delia and her crock of a wedding!—to learn all her down-and-dirty secrets for looking stylish at any age.

“I am lucky that I can dress four main characters who not only gorgeous, but also mature women who know their bodies,” said Summers. “This is not a show about what’s age-appropriate and what’s not. It’s more about showing what’s best for you, no matter your age.” If that’s the case, let’s get right to it. Scroll down for her top four tips. 

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