6 Reasons You Need to Binge Watch the Netflix Series Stranger Things

6 Reasons You Need to Binge Watch the Netflix Series <em>Stranger Things</em>
Eric Charbonneau/Netflix

What do your next eight hours look like? If you haven’t watched Netflix’s newest drama series, Stranger Things, you may want to set aside time for a full-on binge. It’s cover-your-eyes spooky, but also has enough feel-good moments to keep you coming back for more.

Set in 1980s Indiana, the original series dives into the unusual circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a neighborhood boy. As his family, friends, and local officials try to solve the case, they stumble upon secret government experiments and potential supernatural forces.

If that alone doesn’t draw you in, scroll down for six more reasons why you need to add this series to your Netflix queue ASAP.

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