The 15 Best Fashion Moments from Scandal Season 5

The 15 Best Fashion Moments from <em>Scandal</em> Season 5

TGIT! This season of Scandal has seen its fair share of drama, from Fitz and Olivia's heart-crushing breakup to Mellie's run for president. With all of these twists and turns in the White House, it's no wonder that Kerry Washington's character's wardrobe has undergone a drastic change, from her usual, muted gladiator looks to bright red wrap coats and royal blue cardigans.

"We began the season continuing with the palette of light and dark," the show's costume designer, Lyn Paolo, tells InStyle. "This palette, as all Gladiators know, was the template that expressed Olivia's emotions. Then, Shonda Rhimes in her brilliance, wrote a brand-new Olivia. This Olivia is stronger, more determined, and wears bright red, orange, and royal blue. This Olivia is a new type of Gladiator, not working for others but determined to be her own person. When Shonda expressed that we would be going in a new direction, both Kerry [Washington] and I thought that it was a perfect moment to change Olivia's look."

Regardless of her changing wardrobe, one thing has remained constant: Olivia Pope knows how to rock an amazing outfit, whether she's gladiating, working for Mellie's campaign, or at home enjoying wine and popcorn.

Expect to see even more great looks from Ms. Pope on tonight's season finale of Scandal, which airs on ABC at 9 p.m. ET. Before you tune in, check out the best fashion moments from this season!

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