Priyanka Chopra’s Daily Routine, By the Numbers

Priyanka Chopra’s Daily Routine, By the Numbers
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Season 2 of Quantico premieres tonight, and we’re more than ready for an all-new dose of the juicy government drama. Last we saw them, our favorite group of former NATs were moving on from the catastrophic events that took place in the season one finale (RIP Simon). And while some of the OG trainees were still with the FBI, Alex Parrish (played by Priyanka Chopra) was out of the force for good.

Luckily for Alex, she's a hot commodity in the world of national security—and it looks like she's about to put on a whole new uniform. Alex was offered a last-minute job with the CIA in the final moments of the season finale, which means we’re probably about to meet a whole new cast of characters. 

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Whether she takes the offer or not, one thing is certain: Alex isn’t about to sit back and relax anytime soon. She’s constantly moving full speed ahead—and, seemingly, so is her offscreen counterpart. So when we interviewed Chopra for the August issue of InStyle, we wanted to know just how much time Chopra devotes to sleeping, working out, and her beauty routine IRL. Below, she breaks down the three key components of her daily routine for us, by the numbers.

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