Our 10 Favorite Hair, Beauty, and Style Moments from Friends in InStyle Throughout the Years

Our 10 Favorite Hair, Beauty, and Style Moments from <em>Friends</em> in <em>InStyle </em>Throughout the Years
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Unless you’ve been disconnected from social media or living under a rock, you know that the cast of one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, Friends, reunited Sunday night. While it’s not technically an official Friends cast reunion (they came together for a TV special paying tribute to legendary television director James Burrows), we were excited nonetheless. There hasn’t been this much buzz on the interwebs since #thedress phenomenon or when Kim K. actually "broke the Internet." While only five of the six "friends" was present (Matthew Perry is starring in a play in London), we couldn't wait to see the castmates reunite once again.

With the series debuting the same year as InStyle, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite Friends moments featured in the magazine over the past 22 years. From Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe gracing our covers, to Ross, Chandler, and Joey each featured as "Man of Style," this blast from the past is the next best thing to an actual reunion at Central Perk. 

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