The Cast of Netflix's Newest Series Easy Is Incredible—Stream It Today

The Cast of Netflix's Newest Series <em>Easy</em> Is Incredible—Stream It Today
Patrick Wymore/Netflix

We have two words for you: Orlando Bloom. Our favorite sword-wielding and arrow-launching hottie from movie franchises The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean is making the move to television with Netflix's new series Easy. Premiering today, Sept. 22, the drama series features an incredible ensemble cast—and Bloom isn't the only star you'll recognize.

From feature film director Joe Swanberg, Easy is an anthology series made up of eight episodes, with each one focusing on a different storyline with different characters. The themes and topics of the show will revolve around romance, relationships, and everyday situations that we can all relate to. A lot of the buzz Easy has garnered has to do with the parallels it draws to Sex and the City, although it's a much more realistic take on the beloved series.

Some of Easy's stars are recognizable from major feature films and others we recognize from television. Each one brings something different and unique to the show, and we're interested to find out who will star with whom in each episode. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Swanberg divulged that some episodes "are more funny than others, and all the casts have different acting methods." We can't wait to see each and every one of these actors in the series.

Check out the trailer here and settle into your couch—this is a show you're going to want to binge watch ASAP. Read below to see the stars!

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