A Guide to 11 Mr. Robot Locations You Can Actually Visit in New York

A Guide to 11 <em>Mr. Robot</em> Locations You Can Actually Visit in New York
Virginia Sherwood/USA Network

Hello again, friend.

Season two of Mr. Robot kicked off last night, and in preparation, we spent the previous week binge-watching the first 10 episodes as a refresher course. Considering that the show takes place in New York, those of us who live and work in the area have been keeping score of all the locations we recognized onscreen—for example, Steel Mountain is actually a massive office complex in Rye, New York. While we (not so patiently) await next week's episode, we put together a running list of the New York City-based locations from season one you can actually visit, and possibly pick up a pair of new Prada shoes. Scroll down to find out the exact spots for a few of the locations you can check out yourself—mild spoilers ahead.

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