Mr. Robot: 5 Burning Questions We Need Answered in Season 2

<em>Mr. Robot</em>: 5 Burning Questions We Need Answered in Season 2
Courtesy of USA

The team behind Mr. Robot hacked us all when USA released the first hour-long episode of season two three days early on Sunday night—but for those who missed the last-minute leak (which was taken down later that night), the official season premiere is going down tonight, July 13, at 10p.m. ET. And there will be double the fsociety action, with the second episode of the season airing right after the premiere.

We still have tons of questions following the epic first season, and we didn’t get too many answers in the first 43 minutes of season two that we saw on Sunday. But, according to the show’s stars, there are plenty of major revelations headed our way. Here are five questions we’re hoping to have answered in season two.

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