Hilary Duff’s 7 Tips for Killing It at Work Like Her Character on Younger

Hilary Duff’s 7 Tips for Killing It at Work Like Her Character on <em>Younger</em>
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We’re now a few weeks into Younger’s second season on TV Land and the show’s characters are doing their due diligence trying to navigate the worlds of love, work, and family. While Sutton Foster’s Liza is the main one we’re invested in, Hilary Duff’s supporting role as her work BFF, Kelsey Peters, is equally fun to watch. Kelsey’s clearly an exemplary #girlboss in her own way at the publishing company they work for, even when she’s seducing authors, coming up with weird book concepts, and showing up to work late thanks to all-night parties. But it’s just that hint of outlandishness that makes her character so fun and so successful.

So, when we caught up with Hilary Duff over the phone this week to talk all things Kelsey (and pink hair), we had to ask about her character’s lovable-yet-ballsy road to success. “You never know what to expect with her,” said Duff. “She’s a little insecure and a little crazy—she’s a little bit of everything, which makes her so fun to play. I love her.” And she’s learned a lot from her, especially what to do and not to do at work. Scroll down for Duff’s seven tips for killing it at the office, no matter your age.

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