What Will Grease: Live Actually Look Like?

What Will <em>Grease: Live </em>Actually Look Like?
Tommy Garcia/FOX

The Rydell High gang’s all here—and they’re just as stylish as we remember them. 

Sandy, Danny, the T-Birds, and the Pink Ladies will be taking over your TV screen when Grease: Live premieres on Sunday, Jan. 31. Based on the classic 1978 film about a group of high school kids in the ‘50s, FOX’s first-ever live musical stars Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit, Vanessa Hudgens, and Keke Palmer as the iconic leather-loving teens. But don’t expect them to look exactly like the characters from the original Grease. This time, there's more leather, tons of wigs, and a blonde Danny Zuko.

“We are doing an homage to Grease, but this is our own version,” costume designer William Ivey Long, who's best known for his work on Broadway, told InStyle when we caught up with him last week. “There are three or four looks that are very similar to the original, but that’s where it stops.” So while you’ll see Sandy in an all-black look “just like the one that Albert Wolsey designed for the film,” and staples like T-Bird leather jackets and Pink Lady jackets, they’ve all had a modern update. “I redesigned them, so they’re not going to be exactly the same,” said Long. One thing that is staying the same? “The school colors are still red and white!” 

Long gave us the scoop on what went into creating these characters for a new generation. Hear what he has to say about creating Sandy's look in the video below, and scroll down to see his original sketches for the characters, plus details about each look.

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