Game of Thrones Finale Recap: The Best Quotes from Season 6

<em>Game of Thrones</em> Finale Recap: The Best Quotes from Season 6
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Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched Season 6, Episode 10.

There’s no arguing that Season 6 of Game of Thrones was one of the best we’ve seen yet, so it wasn’t at all surprising that last night’s finale was on fire—or should we say wildfire.

We start off the episode with the trial of the century, and by the looks of Cersei's (Lena Headey) leather getup, we know something is about to go down. It doesn't take long for Queen Margaery (Natalie Dormer) to figure it out either, but by then it is too late. Cersei gets her revenge and then some by incinerating the sept and everyone inside it, but it comes at a steep price: King Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman) cannot handle the bloodshed and flings himself out his window.

Over in Dorne, Lady Olenna (Diana Rigg) has a meeting with Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma) and her daughters. Clad in all black and in mourning for her murdered son, Mace Tyrell, and grandchildren, Margaery and Loras Tyrell, the Queen of Thorns is pissed, and rightfully so. Knowing how badly Ellaria wants vengeance on Cersei, she figures pairing up with the new rulers of Dorne is her best shot at getting her own revenge. We then see where Lord Varys (Conleth Hill) went off to when he left Meereen, revealing that this new alliance will eventually join forces with Dany and her dragons.

Thrones gave us one girl power moment after another in Sunday night's episode, with Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) finally getting her hands on Walder Frey, the man behind the deaths of her mother and brother, Catelyn and Robb Stark, at the Red Wedding. Using her skills from the Faceless Men, she disguises herself as a servant, gets Frey alone to serve him his dinner. She then reveals how she killed and cooked his sons into his meal and proceeds to slash his throat.

Another huge moment comes when Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is able to finish the flashback he so desperately wanted to see prior to getting cut off by the Three-Eyed Raven in Season 6, Episode 3, titled "Oathbreaker." He returns to the scene of a young Ned Stark outside the Tower of Joy in Dorne where Lyanna Stark (Ned's sister and Bran's aunt) is being kept and follows his father inside. We see Lyanna lying in bed covered in blood, and she's clearly dying. Ned rushes to her side and as he tries to comfort her she pulls him close to whisper something into his ear. Asking Ned to make a promise to her, it is finally revealed that Lyanna is actually Jon Snow's mother.

We move next to Winterfell, where Jon (Kit Harington) is crowned King in the North, and then back to King's Landing, where another ruler is crowned. Cersei finally takes a seat on the Iron Throne—something she has desired for ages—as the first woman to ever sit in that position.

In the last scene of the season, we turn to the sea, where Dany, her dragons, and their fleet of ships have set sail for Westeros (finally!). A triumphant-looking Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) stands with Theon (Alfie Allen) by her side as the Dothraki populate another ship, with their horses stored cozily below deck. The three dragons fly overhead as Dany takes her place at the head of the fleet and looks more ready than ever to claim the Iron Throne for herself.

Everything seemed to come full circle with the culmination of many storylines and moments that have spanned multiple seasons. After such an epic ending, it's even more bittersweet that we have to wait an entire year for the next season. We've been bringing you the best quote from each episode all season long, so to wrap things up we've rounded up the most memorable quotes from Season 6below.

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