See These Game of Thrones Cast Members Before They Were on the Show

See These <em>Game of Thrones</em> Cast Members Before They Were on the Show
Courtesy of HBO; Alamy Stock Photo (3)

The upcoming season premiere of Game of Thrones has been a hot topic of discussion around InStyle's offices this week. With water cooler chatter ranging from the newly released Season 6 teaser videos, to all things Jon Snow (is he alive or dead?!), we're eagerly anticipating the show’s return. But all this star talk got us thinking: Where were the cast members before they reached the Seven Kingdoms?

We took a look back at our favorite Thrones actors' careers and while many got their big breaks on GoT, a few were Hollywood regulars before landing in Westeros and Essos. We rounded up four Game of Thrones stars with roles worth revisiting—you may be surprised by where they got their starts!

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