Difficult People's Julie Klausner Dishes on 8 Guest Stars You'll See in Season 2

<em>Difficult People</em>'s Julie Klausner Dishes on 8 Guest Stars You'll See in Season 2
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Good news, Difficult People fans: The second season of Hulu's comedy is just as hilarious as its first. The Amy Poehler-produced show returns with a brand new episode today, July 12, which means Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner are back in their roles as New York City's most over-the-top comedians-slash-BFFs, Julie Kessler and Billy Epstein. And things haven't changed much for the jaded duo since we last saw them, according to Klausner (who is also the creator of the series).

"Billy and Julie are still struggling in show business,” she recently told InStyle. “They’re a little further along than they were in the first season, so there are some opportunities that come to them that wouldn’t necessarily have before. They are making little strides—but they’re also continuing to get in their own way and blaming everyone else around them for existing in a world that’s unfair, even though they’re not really doing any of the work.”

Despite Julie's unique work ethic, or lack thereof, Klausner’s character still has some exciting career prospects. “Julie gets this opportunity to audition for a spin-off for The Affair,” said Klausner. “We had made this observation about English actors sitting around a table and doing noticeable American accents, so in her audition tape, Julie tries to sound like an Australian who’s trying to sound like an American. She just wants to get the part, but she sets herself up for some grave misunderstanding.”

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While Julie's main focus is her career, Eichner’s character is busy looking for love these days. “We pretty much have Billy on the dating arc this season," said Klausner. "In the first episode, he wakes up three days after falling asleep from a massage—and no one had checked on him until Julie came around. He gets all paranoid and goes on a journey to find a boyfriend who will check on him and make sure he’s not dead—and if he is dead, then dress him in a decent outfit in which he’d be buried.” Billy's romantic pursuits include characters played by Mark Consuelos and Dancing with the Stars winner Nyle DiMarco—and they're in good company when it comes to the list of upcoming guest stars.

A BILLY SANDWICH WITH JULIE BREAD!!!! @juliannemoore is coming to @difficultppl S2!!!! 🙌🏻

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Julianne Moore, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Tina Fey will all make appearances this season—and Klausner couldn’t be more thrilled with the star-studded turnout. “It adds a certain element of surrealism to it, the fact that these celebrities are walking in our world and maybe not as you’d expect them to be,” she said. “It's just the most satisfying thing of all time to be able to mix and match celebrities that would never do things together and then use that to have fun in a world which we’ve created.” Scroll down to find out who will be hanging out with Julie and Billy on this season of Difficult People.

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