See All the Dazzling Outfits Worn on Last Night’s Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finals

See All the Dazzling Outfits Worn on Last Night’s <em>Dancing with the Stars </em>Semi-Finals
David Livingston/Getty

Oh boy, the tension is mounting on Dancing with the Stars. Last night’s semi-finals were proof that the stakes are higher than ever, and as such, the contestants are pulling out all the stops. The lifts! The lunges! The intensity was so high that at certain moments, we even found ourselves holding our breath. With all that pressure, it seems there’s one area where our fierce competitors are determined to (literally) shine: The costume department, of course!

The DWTS costume designers really outdid themselves this week. From a golden gymnast look to some velvety blue goodness, the stars and their partners all looked pretty badass. Here’s what everyone wore.

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