Broad City’s Style Is No Joke—Check Out 5 Fashion Risks from the Upcoming Season

<em>Broad City</em>’s Style Is No Joke—Check Out 5 Fashion Risks from the Upcoming Season
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With the third season of the raunchy comedy Broad City returning this week, so too will its LOL-inducing stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer and their crazy—and often misguided—outfits. But there is a method to the quirk you see onscreen, as costume designer Staci Greenbaum explained for InStyle's February issue.

“I work hard to make sure these two don’t look perfect,” Greenbaum told us. “With Abbi, she has a clear idea of who she wants to be, and she’s trying to figure out her style as she goes. Meanwhile, Ilana is so unapologetically confident that she redefines sexy. She can slip on a jersey without any pants and emanate coolness. Not everything they wear is flattering, but their outfits are certainly ballsy. That’s the point: Through Abbi and Ilana, I want to show that it’s OK to stumble. You don’t always have to get it right, but it is just so freaking fun to take some risks.”

So what risks will we see this season? Greenbaum took us on set with her in Brooklyn—and inside her wardrobe trailer—to pick out five significant items Glazer and Jacobson will wear in season three. Scroll down to see what they are and why they matter. 

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