The Best Shows on Viceland You Should Be Watching

The Best Shows on Viceland You Should Be Watching
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Before Viceland launched just over a year ago, there really wasn’t a TV network airing unapologetically gritty docuseries that confronted societal issues head-on. Fast-forward to today, the millennial-targeted channel has over 20 programs with something for everyone, from food-centric travel shows to more serious explorations of different cultures across the world.

One common thread throughout Viceland’s programming is that they bring lesser known issues to the forefront, whether it’s exploring LBGTQ culture in different parts of the world (Gaycation) to understanding why so many successful music artists come from a small suburb of Atlanta (Noisey). Hate Thy Neighbor confronts racism head on, while Woman takes a deeper look at the oppression women face worldwide.

There’s also lighter, funnier topics across the network too, from rapper Action Bronson’s food escapades (F*ck That’s Delicious) to daily, unedited news recaps that bring major LOLs (Desus & Mero). Even the more taboo topics come to light on this network, like the role weed plays in our modern world (Weediquette).

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While we suggest diving into the network’s programming head first, we’ve listed eight of our favorites below to get you started. Our motto for watching? Binge, learn, repeat.

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