4 Things You Need to Know About Barely Famous Stars, Erin and Sara Foster

4 Things You Need to Know About <em>Barely Famous</em> Stars, Erin and Sara Foster
Courtesy of VH1

Reality TV has come a long way since The Real World exploded onto the scene and gave us our first taste of the genre that has since taken over the entire world. Hundreds of reality shows have made their way onto our television screens over the years, documenting everything from home improvement to the drama-filled lives of petty housewives. The genre has come so far that it's even being spoofed, which is exactly what Erin and Sara Foster have done with their hit VH1 show, Barely Famous. It's a "mockumentary" style show that follows two privileged sisters, living just outside the velvet ropes of the Hollywood A-list and trying desperately to claw their way to the other side—and in the process, committing every social faux pas in the book. It hilariously pokes fun at the absurdity of Hollywood, wealth, and celebrity obsession.

We recently caught up with the Foster sisters to chat about the show's origins, and all the ways their charmed, but real, lives have influenced the show. Read on to learn a bit about the show and its leading ladies, and if you haven't already watched the first season of Barely Famous, drop everything and binge it right now. Season two kicks off tomorrow night, June 29, at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

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