5 Things We Hope to See on How to Get Away with Murder This Season

5 Things We Hope to See on <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em> This Season
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Emmy Award-winning actress Viola Davis is back tomorrow night (Sept. 22) as scandal-ridden lawyer Annalise Keating when ABC’s hit show How to Get Away with Murder returns for its third season. We can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she and her crew of law-breaking staff and students will get into this year, and if it’s anything like the past two seasons, this one is sure to be just as crazy.

Annalise, as brilliant as she is, can be a frustrating character at times. She’s not your typical heroine in that you don’t always want to root for her. She can be cold, calculating, manipulative, selfish, and downright heartless (and the list could go on), but it sure does make for awesome television. As loyal viewers of the show, we have developed a love-hate relationship with Annalise.

We also have grown to love-hate her team over the past two seasons. This group of students and young lawyers have brought on just as much trouble themselves, and sometimes they are just downright stupid. But after getting to know them and their backstories a little more in depth last season, we can't wait to learn more about them and see how things will play out in season three, because how much more trouble can they get in? We're betting a lot.

With the way the series left off last March, there are a few key things we hope will happen throughout this season. Read below to see our predictions, and don't forget to tune in to ABC at 10 p.m. ET Thursday night to see how season three kicks off.

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