Inside the Almost-Grown Up Office of Your Favorite Instagram Account

Inside the Almost-Grown Up Office of Your Favorite Instagram Account
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Genevieve Garruppo

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’re following one of Elliot Tebele’s viral accounts. His meme-heavy feeds include @kanyedoingthings, @beigecardian (the brainchild of Jessica Anteby, Tebele’s wife), and, supreme among them, @fuckjerry, which has over 12 million followers. The 26-year-old’s success story doesn’t stop at the company’s near 50 million devotees. Tebele has parlayed his knack for curating genuinely hilarious content into a full-fledged business, creating sponsored posts for Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Tinder.


Tebele’s Instagram empire has spilled over into the product game, too—you can now purchase the brand’s ironic t-shirts, ‘80s-style pool slides, and a card game touted “for millennials and their millennial friends.” While the content looks uniformly lo-fi—screenshots of memes, tweets, and out-of-focus photos—the operation has become quite sophisticated; the company now has 20 full-time employees working across its dozen-odd brands. The team has grown so large, in fact, that last November, Instagram’s chillest feed moved into a shiny SoHo office space, sharing a street with Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney.

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But how does @fuckjerry square its too-cool-to-care aesthetic with running a business? What does a DGAF office even look like? We stopped by the new digs to find out.


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