The Best Emoji Apps to Download Stat  

The Best Emoji Apps to Download Stat

Where words fail, emojis prevail. That's the basic theme behind World Emoji Day (July 17) and, considering there is an emoji for just about everything, we couldn't agree more. Embarrassed? There's a monkey covering it's eyes for that! Window shopping? There's a smiley face with hearts for eyes for that! Seeing Star Trek? There's a Vulcan hand sign for that! The possibilities of emoji-use are seemingly endless.

But even the most detailed Apple emoji keyboard has its limitations, which is why a number of other emoji-based apps have been created to fill in the gaps. From celebrity-backed ventures to emojis you can add a personal touch to, there is no shortage of digital icon options. In honor of World Emoji Day, we waded through some of the expressive noise and found the top five emoji apps you need to download to bring your conversations to the *fire emoji* next level.

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