7 Photos of The Bachelorette's Dean Cuddling Animals to Brighten Up Your Monday

7 Photos of <em>The Bachelorette</em>'s Dean<em> </em>Cuddling Animals to Brighten Up Your Monday
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Bachelor Nation is gearing up to watch Rachel Lindsay bring her three remaining suitors home to meet her family tonight. And while we’re pumped to see how things play out for Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus, and Eric Bigger when they head to Dallas, we’re still reeling from last week’s heartbreaking sendoff. The Bachelorette said goodbye to fan-favorite Dean Unglert, the 26-year-old startup recruiter who giggled his way to the fourth top spot this season—and while he may not have earned Rachel’s final rose, he certainly won over the hearts of millions of viewers throughout his journey on the show.

On tonight’s episode, we’ll miss seeing Dean’s smiling face (not to mention, his impressive dedication to grey hoodies), but luckily, we can still keep up with him through his social channels. And because the Internet can be a wonderful place, that means countless photos of Dean adorably cuddling animals as well as an abundance of puppy pics. He’s a total pet enthusiast, and ever since expressing his jealousy over the fact that his newly minted BFF Peter got not one, but two canine-centric dates with Rachel, he’s been happily retweeting his followers’ dog photos. It's clear that he's a total softie, and if that wasn't proof enough, did we mention that his Instagram handle is @deanie_babies? On a scale of one to ridiculously cute, that takes things to a whole new level. 

While we anxiously await Dean’s return to TV when Bachelor in Paradise premieres next month, let’s all take a minute to appreciate 7 photos of Dean cuddling with animals on Instagram.

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