MØ Takes Us Behind the Scenes at Panorama

MØ Takes Us Behind the Scenes at Panorama
Courtesy of MØ

Belting out a Justin Bieber song is a surefire way to draw crowds at a music festival, and MØ’s stripped down, acoustic rendition of "Cold Water" beckoned Beliebers in droves at Panorama on New York’s Randall’s Island this past weekend. That, coupled with the Danish singer’s other slew of radio-ready hits—notably "Lean On," a feel-good club banger that she co-wrote and sang with electronic group Major Lazer—were enough to keep the audience enthusiastically dancing as she swayed across the stage, flailing her arms and gyrating coolly, ultimately ending her set by crowd-surfing. 

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MØ took us behind the scenes of her action-packed day. Scroll down to see the artist's personal pics capturing the festival from the other side of the stage.

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