Macklemore's New Video Chronicles His Grandma's Epic 100th Birthday

macklemore / Instagram

We hope we're half as cool as Macklemore's grandmother when we're 100.

For the music video for his song "Glorious," the 34-year-old rapper had an extra-special plan. Instead of hiring actresses and renting camels like usual, Macklemore decided to spend the day with his grandmother on her 100th birthday and film the whole thing. Turns out his gran is actually the coolest lady ever, and the "Glorious" video is an epic celebration, complete with sweet cars, strippers, and impromptu tattoos.

At the beginning of the video, Macklemore explains that he's surprising his grandmother on her birthday and that they can do anything and everything she wants. He rents a sleek convertible for their adventures, and they start by egging someone's house, then buying Yeezys and singing karaoke. It only gets better from there, though, as they hit up the arcade, the grocery store, and then a surprise party for Gran!

Within just a day, the video racked up close to 3 million views, and Macklemore took to Instagram to express his disbelief, writing, "2.9 million in a day!?!? You guys are amazing. Can't believe this... and neither can my Gramma. Not that she knows what YouTube is. But still."


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Oh, and did we mention it's an awesome song? Macklemore is definitely back.


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