The 10 New Spring Albums We Can't Wait To Listen To

The 10 New Spring Albums We Can't Wait To Listen To
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The first day of spring is Mar. 20, and if you're anything like us, you're really looking forward to some much-needed sunshine. But better weather, spring flowers, and lighter layers aren't the only things to relish about the new season ahead. There are also some highly anticipated albums on the horizon, so we've put together a list of everything we're looking forward to listening to.

From pop to rap to rock to indie to electronic to country, our picks cover just about every genre of music you could hope for. Some of these artists have been around for a long time and a few are newer on the music scene, but either way, these albums are going to give us lots of listening material for the sunnier days ahead. Whether lounging in the park, going for a jog outside, or venturing out on a weekend road trip, we've found the perfect tunes for all of your spring activities. Take a look below to see when and where you can find them.

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