5 Reasons You Need to Watch The Infiltrator

5 Reasons You Need to Watch <em>The Infiltrator</em>
Broad Green Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

From seedy strip joints and dive bars to sleek private jets and marbled mansions, the upcoming film, The Infiltrator, offers a glimpse into two very different sides of Miami—and Colombia.

The film is based on the true story of Federal Customs Agent Robert Mazur (played by Bryan Cranston), who in 1986 assumed a fake identity in order to get deep inside the Colombian Drug Cartel. As smooth American businessman Bob Musella, Mazur gains the trust of drug lords, mob bosses, and crooked bankers alike, convincing them that he’s a master money launderer.

He and fellow agent Kathy Ertz (played by Diane Kruger), who poses as his fashionable fiancé, manage to so thoroughly infiltrate the Colombian underworld (befriending a cast of shady characters along the way) that they are eventually able to take down Medellín Cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar, and a few dirty banks and businessmen in the process. Before The Infiltrator hits the big screen on July 13, read on to learn the five coolest things about this film.

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