Jennifer Aniston’s Most Underrated Roles—Ranked

Jennifer Aniston’s Most Underrated Roles—Ranked
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Jennifer Aniston's acting chops, as her loyal fans will tell you, extend well beyond her role as Rachel Green on Friends. (Though, you can't blame us for having a soft spot for the character.)

Aniston’s résumé is quite lengthy, even including a role in the 1993 horror flick Leprechaun, which tells the story of sadistic leprechaun who terrorized people while looking for his gold (talk about range!). She’s acted in several TV series, voiced various animated characters (remember Hogarth’s mom in 1999 cult classic The Iron Giant?), and, of course, she has also starred in several comedies that showcase her effortless charasmia and wit.

As her next comedy Office Christmas Partywhich also stars Olivia Munn, T.J. Miller, and Courtney B. Vance, hits theaters today, we’ve rounded up and ranked Aniston’s best, most underrated films to date. 

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