The Secret Life of 8 Celebrity Pets—See the Photos!

The Secret Life of 8 Celebrity Pets—See the Photos!

Ever wonder what really goes on when your furry friend is left home alone? In The Secret Life of Pets, out today, we get a glimpse into the imaginary, yet totally hysterical lives of man’s best friend in the form of terrier mix Max (voiced by Louis C.K.), lovable mutt Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet), and more.

While the fictional animals in the movie find tons of the adventurous ways to spend their time, it turns out the real life pets of some of your favorite A-listers are keeping pretty busy during the dog days of summer too. And like their famous owners, they don’t shy away from the camera.

From Kerry Washington’s Shih-Tzu Yorkie pup Josie, who has a slight jewelry obsession, to Amanda Seyfried's Australian Shepherd Finn, who is working on his mean right hook, check out our unbelievably adorbs peek into the lives of eight celeb pets below.    

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