9 Times Celebrities Unintentionally Rocked Zoolander's "Blue Steel"

9 Times Celebrities Unintentionally Rocked <em>Zoolander</em>'s "Blue Steel"
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Sometimes, a look can kill—or stop an object mid-air on the runway. That’s what Derek Zoolander’s “Magnum” look did when it was finally revealed at the end of Zoolander, after all. But long before that, Ben Stiller was rocking another totally different—yet really, really, ridiculously similar—facial expression onscreen as the fashion-forward, but easily-brainwashed, male model: the perfectly angled and flawlessly executed look known as "Blue Steel."

Almost 15 years after we were first introduced to Zoolander’s iconic go-to pose, Zoolander 2 is hitting theaters today, Feb. 12. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to revisit the magic of Blue Steel, even though Zoolander was so over the sucked-in cheek bones and pursed lips that established the look as his trademark in the original comedy. Truth be told, we still can’t get enough of it, and we might not be the only ones thinking it’s so hot right now. Turns out, stars have been channeling their inner Derek Zoolander (on camera, in public) over the years—whether they realized it or not. Scroll down to see 9 celebrities who have inadvertently rocked Blue Steel IRL.

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