5 Style Tips for Dressing Like Princess Eleanor on The Royals

5 Style Tips for Dressing Like Princess Eleanor on <em>The Royals</em>

Princess Eleanor’s wardrobe is practically a character all its own on The Royals. It’s also one of the main reasons that we tune in each week, because you just never know what statement-making ensemble the royal badass (played by Alexandra Park) will step out wearing next. Eleanor’s unpredictable fashion choices on the E! series never fail to catch our attention, and according to the show’s costume designer, Rachel Walsh, it’s easier to recreate the Princess’s look than you might think. “Eleanor’s look is actually quite achievable,” the British designer recently told InStyle. “She wears a ton of high-street brands like Topshop and H&M—we’re just clever in the way that we mix them in with designer pieces.” 

It’s the combination of classic styles and current trends that create Eleanor’s cool, yet effortless, vibe. “We use a lot of Maje and Sandro,” said Walsh. “But I think that if you went on the Topshop website, you could probably find at least one-third of the silhouettes that Eleanor wears. It won’t be exactly the same, but it would certainly give you a bit of her flavor.” To further get Eleanor’s look just right, Walsh seamlessly works in pieces that are less of-the-moment. “We buy vintage pieces from the shops at Portobello Market,” she said. “Most of them are from the ’70s and ‘80s.” 

Walsh also curates a mix of punk-meets-chic accessories to make Eleanor’s outfits really pop. “We use a lot of vintage jewelry and buy different bags that keep her look fresh and change it up,” said Walsh, adding that Eleanor’s look has evolved even more in season two. “She had that real goth, AllSaints, Kate Moss vibe to her in season one, but we’ve put her in more color this year.” (For proof, look no further than the rainbow dress she wore on Season 2, Episode 5.)

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Eleanor certainly takes risks when it comes to her style, and if you’re looking to dress like the Princess, that’s what you’ll need to do, too. “It’s all about being experimental,” said Walsh. “You can’t be scared to try things, and you have to be confident.” Scroll down for five tips to follow if you’re looking to add a bit of Eleanor’s edge into your wardrobe.

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