Toast the Dog Sunning in the Hamptons Is Giving Us Major Wanderlust

Toast the Dog Sunning in the Hamptons Is Giving Us Major Wanderlust
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Memorial Day is right around the corner. For most New Yorkers, that means it's time to grab your swimsuit and start plotting your escape to the Hamptons—and that includes those of the canine variety. That's right, folks: Toast, the droopy-tongued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (and star of the @toastmeetsworld Instagram account) is heading out east. 

In a new book, ToastHampton ($14;, out today from HarperCollins, the supermodel dog is pictured leisurely lounging on pool floats, frolicking in the sand, and striking regal poses next to cups of Sant Ambreous gelato, as one does when they're living their best life in the summertime. 

"Toast spent the summer in the Hamptons and she fell in love with the lifestyle and the aesthetic and the people," says Katie Sturino, Toast's mom and author of the opus. "Everyone's beautiful in the Hamptons, and Toast will only be around beautiful people, so it's only natural that she would make a book about the Hamptons." 

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So, what does a typical day in the Hamptons look like for Toast? Says Sturino: "She gets up, she has someone drive her to the coffee shop, she gets a giant iced coffee—she doesn't drink it—then she needs another one an hour later. Then she's probably in the pool on a float for the rest of the day. Then maybe a lobster bake at someone's house at night."

Scroll through below to see the epic photographs of Toast in action.

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