These Adorable Dogs in Sweaters from The Dogist Will Make Your Day

These Adorable Dogs in Sweaters from <em>The Dogist</em> Will Make Your Day

Dog lovers won't be able to resist canine photographer Elias Weiss Friedman's new book, The Dogist ($17, Named after his popular website and Instagram account, which boasts 1.3 million followers, the colorful book is filled with 1,000 photos of pups of all shapes, sizes, and attitudes. Needless to say, flipping through the pages will make the day of anyone who adores animals.

While The Dogist is very satisyfiying visually thanks to the adorable dogs and great photography, Friedman also provides interesting information about his subjects. "The book explores new ways of telling stories about dogs," he says. "I want to share what it was like for me in that moment with the dog, so the readers can experience each dog vicariously and get a glimpse into that dog's personality." Mission accomplished.

Below, check out a sneak peek from the sweaters section in The Dogist, because after all, is there really anything cuter than a dog in clothes?

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