11 Must-Read Essay Collections Written by Women

11 Must-Read Essay Collections Written by Women
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This is not an easy time to be a woman. Speaking up for ourselves and for others gets freaking exhausting, and 2017 has often felt like nothing but one hit after another. Since a lot of the fight happens online, sometimes you just have to log off and take a break. Luckily, there are some new essay collections by women you can read to get inspired and prepare yourself for the next round.

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When the world starts to feel like trash, it is absolutely necessary to surround yourself with smart and hilarious women to help you get through it. Sure, you can curl up in your blankets and fill up on girl power by binge watching Shonda Rhimes shows and sipping red wine while boycotting social media. But sh— is going down these days, and as real as Olivia Pope may feel, immersing yourself in actual IRL women’s stories and experiences is literally the only way we’re going to get through this.

And actually, some of the essays this book actually wax philosophic about Ms. Pope herself, so we swear this will be fun. Take a scroll and add these to your reading lists, gift them to your friends, and slide them into your Twitter foes’ DMs.

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