How to Make It

Lobster Tots
Bake or deep fry the tots.
Place the tots on a baking dish or sheet tray and top with sliced cheddar cheese.
Bake the tots until the cheese is melted.
Gently warm the lobster in butter and lemon mixture (add lemon to preference)
Drizzle cheese sauce over the top of the tots.
Top with the lobster, secret tomato and horseradish aioli.
Garnish with torn basil leaves (or micro basil)
Sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning.
Cheese Sauce
In a large pan add milk heavy cream, onions, bay leaf and black pepper.
Simmer for 30-40 minutes and strain.
Make a roux with the flour and butter and cool.
Thicken the milk mixture with the roux
Simmer 15 minutes and then add cheese.
Add the vinegar last
Cook 15 minutes
Season with S&P
Secret Tomato
Place tomatoes in Robot Coupe with ¼ cup olive oil and pulse
Add more oil as needed to make a chunky sauce
Finish with the vinegar
Season with salt and pepper
Horseradish Aioli
Combine Garlic, Mustard and a little of the Lemon Juice
Mix the oil together and slowly add to the above mixture in a steady thin stream
Add the remaining lemon in small increments to “relax” the sauce
Add the horseradish at the end.
Season with the salt and adjust if needed