1 cocktail

When subzero temperatures hit, there are few things to do other than hole up with Netflix and an incredibly strong cocktail and wait for the storm to subside. Unfortunately, certain engagements have a tendency to drive a wrench into your stay-at-home plans. For celebrities this past weekend, the event in question was the Sundance Film Festival.

Still, certain attendees found a way to keep warm and satiated thanks in no small part to this hot toddy. Connie Britton, Michelle Monaghan, and Parker Posey were just a few of the stars who sipped on the drink at the Kia Supper Suite in Park City, Utah. If you couldn't make it out west, we nabbed the recipe to make at home. Winter suddenly doesn't seem so terrible.


How to Make It

1. Add all ingredients to a mug.
2. Stir and let steep for one minute. 

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