Yolanda Hadid Watches the Sunrise in a Booty-Baring Thong Bikini


At 53-years-old, Yolanda Hadid still gives her supermodel offspring a run for their money, especially with her latest Internet-breaking posts.

On Tuesday, the OG Hadid beauty confirmed that she's definitely still got it, gifting her Instagram followers with a look at her stunning physique and toned booty, courtesy of the tiniest thong bikini.

In the jaw-dropping photo, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who paired her bathing suit bottoms with a light gray sweater for her morning swim, competed for our attention with the scenic surroundings, as she put her hair up and got ready to take a dive in the water.

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"It's a beautiful, magical sunrise at the lake this morning, the water is quite cold but its such a great way to combat inflammation and feel the connection to Mother Earth," the mom of Bella, Gigi, and Anwar Hadid captioned the candid shot, which was taken by the Alps' Lake Constance. "#LakeConstance #MorningSwim #HealingPower #LovingLife," she concluded the post.

Yolanda Hadid / Instagram

Just a week earlier, the reality TV personality proved she's back and ready to slay when she appeared to tease a return to fashion with a completely sheer Gigi and Bella-inspired top and nothing else during a sizzling photo shoot.

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Could we be seeing a modeling comeback for this mom of three?


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