The X Factor Winner is Tate Stevens!

The X Factor Winner is Tate Stevens!
Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Congratulations, Tate Stevens! The former road worker from Missouri and father of two won the second season of The X Factor. As part of the over-25 category and mentored by judge L.A. Reid, he battled against the odds week after week consistently coming first or second place. His spot-on country vocals earned him many loyal fans, and after his win last night he took to Twitter to show his gratitude. “Thank you! Thank you Thank you! Thank god! I can't thank you enough. #TateNation.” Tate beat out Britney Spears’s teen contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar and Simon Cowell’s girl group Fifth Harmony to win the $5 million prize—something that is sure to change his life forever. Watch the video of Tate singing his version of Randy Houser's hit song "Anything Goes."

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