World's Most Expensive Dress: Over $5.6 Million!

World's Most Expensive Dress: Over $5.6 Million!
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Well, this puts even our best prom dress to shame. British designer Debbie Wingham has created the most expensive dress in the world, according to The World Record Academy, complete with 25 two-carat black diamonds on the peplum and shoulder shrug. The dress is worth a whopping $5,682,950 and weighs nearly 30 lbs., and Wingham described her gown as "an anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life." The pricey frock took six months for Wingham to sew. People just seem to be dripping in diamonds of late! First, Sofia Vergara wore 175 carats to the Emmys, and now there's an entire gown covered in the noir version of the beautiful gemstone. A girl can dream, right?

Get the breakdown of Sofia's impressive Emmy rocks!

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