Apparently, a Women's Beautiful Butt Competition Exists


If you love your butt and want an award for it, we've got the perfect competition for you.

The Women's Beautiful Buttock contest is a real thing, and it took place over the weekend in China. Women from all across the country turned up to show off their ass-ets.


The competition took place in the shopping mall in Shenyang in the Liaoning province. While it is unclear who ended up taking home 1st place, it looks like everyone had a good time regardless of whether or not they won the title.


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This is hardly the first butt-based competition, though. Last November, Brazil held its own version of the Women's Beautiful Buttock competition called Miss BumBum, and it was no small feat. More than 10 million people attended the event before Erika Canela was crowned the winner.


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These contests aren't just abroad. Dozens of women competed to win money, prizes, and the title of "New York's Best Butt" in the United States, too.

Looks like you can get trophies for your butt no matter where in the world you live.



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